12U Go-Kit Project
HamPi, Apollo MPPT, HF, VHF/UHF, Scanner, JNOS and AREDN

This picture was taken at Field Day 2022 in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Note the photographer on the screen being captured by the PTZ camera on the AREDN microwave network. An AREDN node is sitting atop the Go-kit and was linked to other nodes on the FD site as well as a rooftop 1/2 mile away.

This is my 12U Go-Kit or more accurately "Shack-In-A-Box", as it contains just about everything that a well-equipped Shack would contain.

The bottom 2U contains all power management, cig-lighter plug, USB outlets, MPPT Solar Charge Controller, Amp/Volt/Watt/Hour meter, Anderson Power-Pole outlets, 50-Amp Power-Pole for an external battery, and a specialy keyed Power-Pole for Solar PV input.

The next 2U rack contains the SignaLink USB Soundcard interface for digital modes, an Icom IC-706mkIIG HF rig, and an SWR/Power meter.

The next 2U shelf contains a Kenwood V71 VHF/UHF rig and a Scanner.

The next 2U shelf contains a Raspberry-Pi4B 4MB running the "HamPi" operating system distribution with darn near *every* piece of Ham software pre-installed. The Pi has a Coastal Chipworks TNC-Pi KISS modem for Packet operations. An Icom IC-2100 is in this shelf for dedicated Packet operations. JNOS (TCP/IP over AX.25, plus NetROM and Winlink RMS) is also installed on the HamPi.

The next shelf contains an Alinco DR-235 220MHz rig and a TYT MD-9600 VHF/UHF FM & DMR rig.

The top most 2U of space contains speakers from all the rigs, headphone management (rotary switch to select what the operator is listening to) and a digital 24-hour clock.

The rear of the Go-Kit has a high-current "Master" power switch to turn On/Off the internal 30 Amp/Hour Lithium-Iron-Phosphate battery. This 2U panel also contains all of the SO-239 antenna connections from all of the rigs inside the Go-Kit (you don't want to be reaching inside and knocking anything out of place while on a deployment).

An additional 2U panel is dedicated to anything needed for AREDN microwave Networking, such as an Ethernet Switch that supports VLANS, and multiple POE Power over Ethernet outlets for powering AREDN nodes from the 12-volt battery (DC-DC Buck/Boost regulators are used to raise 12vdc to 24vdc).

------- End --------